Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Intelligent


1 intro
2 assalamualaikum – akil the mc (jurassic 5) – USA, malique – MY, mc moe – LBN
3 masih hip hop – daly (ahli fiqir) – SG, altimet – MY, malique – MY
4 a few g’s (freestyle) – kraft – MY, malique – MY
5 tak tau diam saja (freestyle) – malique – MY
6 cerita kedai kopi – malique – MY, salam – MY
7 khayal bam bam – malique – MY
8 rasta say – malique, el chino dreadlion – PR
9 vvs1 – malique – MY, chi qa – MY
10 don’t stop – philly roca (k town clan) – MY, sj (4×4 crew) – USA, malique – MY
11 kl my belle – malique – MY, shomori pass – THA, najwa – MY
12 frontin’ (freestyle) – tact – MY, malique – MY
13 all over again – yeyo (the dey) – PR, malique – MY
14 my advice – malique – MY, supastition – USA, omarz – EGY
15 i get the paper – malique – MY, vandal – CAN, point blanc – MY
16 akhirnya sempurna, alhamdulillah (freestyle) – malique – MY
17 forget the past (freestyle) – malique – MY
18 dalai lama (freestyle) – mc david – MY, malique – MY
19 old thing back – big colobow – THA, malique – MY, dandee – THA
20 outro

New Shit!

Malique is back! And now he is not alone. After being succesful with his first single full album OK, Malique is tag teaming with DJ FUZZ for new album called K.O THE MIXTAPE with first single, called Cerita Kedai Kopi, featuring Salam. Quite interesting song MAK believe. Get it fast….

Below are the cover album and also lyric for the single.

Ok Album

OK has 20 tracks on it and features a lot of known and lesser known artists. It’s 70% in Malay,” Malique reveals. M Nasir, DJ Fuzz, Najwa, Chi Qa and Cat Fabuloso are among the artists featured on the album, all whom give it a varied flavour as well as provide a fresh spin on the hip hop genre.

An album featuring songs in Malay might cater to a niche audience, but Malique is confident that language is no barrier. “If you know the right formula, there really is no difference between writing, rhyming and timing in any language,” he says. Asked if this will create a disparity in his audience, he confidently replies, “The people who enjoy it like my lyrics, but it’s meant to be enjoyed even by people who don’t understand or speak Malay. The plan was to make it a Malay album that’s strong from all points, not necessarily a hip hop album.”

What’s interesting about Malique’s label Qarma Music is that it’s made up of a street team. “The Qarma Music Street Team is actually the entire label. They are the marketing, promotion, sales and nationwide distributors. But nobody knows who they are and they don’t even know each other,” he explains. The street team formula might not be a new thing with hip hop acts around the world, but in this region where fans who support their favourite acts are few and far between, it’s a nice change too see his friends and fans spreading the word of Malique. Want to order a copy of OK? Send an SMS with your details and the street team will deliver copies to your doorstep within the same day.

Malique is glad to see that OK has been well-received by the public. “The radio stations have really helped by putting my songs on heavy rotation. I’d like to thank them for supporting good independent music,” he says. The MC is currently planning to shoot a video for a song off his album and also start touring. “Everything is starting to look positive again,” Malique says of the hip hop scene in Malaysia. Indeed, with Malique back in the game, everything seems to be A-OK.

About Malique

Malique, aka Que_Chill, full name Cairel Adrian Ibrahim, born in Johore Bahru on 21 August, 1977, is one half of the famous Malaysian rap and hip hop duo, Too Phat. Wikipedia


New Album